10 most ancient sites in the world

Many places in the world have antique cities. These ancient cities have been witness to tarihe and have been hosted by many civilizations and are on the front line. If you want to know different civilizations and have information about what they do, you can visit these ancient cities.
It is how they were built in time in the ancient cities that will impress you. Rock-cut houses, different designs and architects will deeply impress and amaze you. If you are interested in ancient cities, we have listed the most important ancient cities of the world for you. You may have information about their civilizations by visiting these cities.

Machu Picchu - Peru
Located in the extensions of the Andes mountains, this region is absolutely invaluable. The city is located in the Cusci city of Peru. Situated at an altitude of 2360 meters, the city still preserves its past civilization. This region, one of the world's 7 wonders, will give you visually amazing moments. The city was built in 1450. The Spanish explorers did not see this city when they came to exploit it. Therefore, it has been preserved up to daylight. The reason for their eyesight is that they can not easily see from the outside. Moreover, the fact that a high region is made makes it difficult to see from the outside. The inability to find the area inside the bowl also prevented it from being exploited. The reconstruction in the city will surprise you. If you visit Peru for this, you should definitely see this ancient city.

Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

Egypt is home to ancient civilizations. Therefore, the secret of the pyramids remains the mystery still today. You must see these pyramids which are characteristic of being an ancient city. There are many different discourses for the purposes of these works dating back 4500 years. It is used for religious beliefs and information about the pharaoh made for the next life after death.

Ancient City of Petra - Jordan
This city, which had an active life 2500 years ago, has become unusable due to the invasion of the Romans. The ancient city, which had an aesthetic appearance, was used as the capital of the Nebatis. In the ancient city there are antique theater, temple and Roman period works. This ancient city is also included in the world heritage list.

Stonehenge - United Kingdom
This area is 130 kilometers from London. Many excavations were carried out in the excavations. It is known that the history of the constructions date back 5000 years. The center of faith is built to be used as a field of observation. You can see these things when you go to England.

Teotihuacan - Mexico
If you want to see and know a mysterious city, this is the place for you. There is not much information related to the ancient city. Someone seems to have built this city and then separated. Therefore, it does not contain much information. If you want to explore and get to know the ancient city, you can start right away.

Pompeii - Italy
If you want to get acquainted with this civilization, which is also a cinema film, you can first watch filmin and you can have general knowledge. This ancient Roman city is close to Naples. The city, which is highly developed in terms of civilization, has been able to come as far as the day-to-day. The ash after the explosion of the volcano in the region formed a layer of protection over the city. You also have the possibility to see stereotypes of people in the region.

Palmira - Syria
The ancient city is located 215 kilometers from Damascus. This area, which is built in the rubble, has been home to many caravansaras. The history of the city dates back to Milat. If you want to see a city full of history with this date, you can visit. The area within the world's cultural heritage will also amaze you visually.

Ephesus - Turkey
Among the most important ancient cities of the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey it is in the hands of the Greeks and then the Romans. It was used as a center of trade and art. Nearby is the Virgin Mary. When you go to the ancient city, do not forget to take your camera.

Persepolis - Iran
It is known that the ancient city of Shiraz is 2500 years old. It is known that the king of Persia was built by 1st Darius. Beautiful buildings are welcoming you in the city. It is located in the center of the city at the tombs and temples of the king

Longmen Caves - China
Located in the city of Luoyang in China, this city has visually high quality constructions. There are many buildings carved into caves. You will be amazed at the area with life samples of 1500 years ago.
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