10 cheap cities to visit in the world


Tunisia, the capital of Tunisia with the same name of the Mediterranean, is among the cheapest cities in the world due to the surveys and surveys conducted. In Tunisia, which has started to have an important share in the tourism sector, there are accommodation facilities suitable for every occasion. The facilities that can be found from luxury hotels to cheapest hostels make it easy to make holiday without forcing the budget. At the same time, cheap shopping facilities, similarities in eating habits, and restaurants or street vendors with low prices make it an easy holiday for everyone. Especially the open-air market-style shopping district called souk is full of Tunisian souvenir items such as carpets, perfumes, hookahs and also frequented by strict negotiators.


This beautiful city, Romania's capital and trade center, welcomes visitors from around the world, especially in the summer months. Bucharest is a much cheaper and more economical holiday destination than cities in other European countries. Bucharest is one of the cheapest and most historic cities in the world with reasonable prices in accommodation facilities and menus matching every budget in restaurants and cafes. Thanks to the highly developed metro and tram system, you can tour any point of the city with fairly cheap ticket prices.


Managua, Nicaragua's capital city, is one of the cheapest cities in the world. Those who visit Managua, the biggest city in the country, are surprised by the cheapness in the city. In this historic and beautiful city, hotels, pensions and cafes are served at very cheap prices. The National Library and National Museum can be visited in Managua, a city worth seeing, among the remains of a large cathedral, Eating and drinking places are also suitable for all sorts of occasions.

The capital Sofia is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. In this historical city of Bulgaria, which has been under Ottoman rule for a long time, it is still noticed that Turkish inspiration is in the culture of eating and drinking or in historical buildings. The fact that it is economical among the European cities, the rich men are offered at reasonable prices and the diversity of the touristic facilities have made it a holiday maker. Some of those who have recently visited Sofia travel to see the color of the casino culture and to try themselves in the games of chance.


The capital city of Algeria and the capital city of Algeria, which is the biggest city, is also the center of trade of the country. Algeria, one of the largest cities in Africa, draws attention with its large number of foreigners and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city, which has the largest port of the country, was founded by the Phoenicians. The city, which was connected to the Ottoman Empire in 1500 years, is home to many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Especially in Algeria, which is recommended to go in autumn and spring, you can find a wide variety of shopping opportunities at very reasonable prices. Fast food style kebabs selling street food are sold and local restaurants serve at very cheap prices. also from Algeria to Turkey numerous tours are organized and sees quite popular these tours.


Nepal's capital and largest city, Kathmandu, welcomes millions of tourists every year with its own mystical and exotic atmosphere. Katmandu, which has a different history with spiritual messages and millions of messages, also has the title of one of the cheapest cities in the world. Buddhist and Hindu temples protected by UNESCO, Nepal, at the same time 1300 meters above sea level was established. Kathmandu, known as the world of love and peace in the world, is a very economical, pleasant and discoverable city with the sale of friendly and guru-faced people, local costumes and local products at reasonable prices.


The capital city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was built instead of the main capital, Karachi. Islamabad, which is much cleaner, decent and modern than the other cities of the country, has eight different regions. City diplomacy, trade, politics, education, etc., which the economically attractive tourists find very cheap. regions. Each of these territories has its own shops and you can shop at very affordable prices in these shops.


Kabul, the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, has also been one of the most important places in Central Asia. Kabul, a city that has managed to maintain its position as a commercial and cultural center, is also the most important city in the country with its strategic position. Kabul is one of the rare beauty places that many tourists want to explore and explore, although a city where security problems have been experienced and some problems still continue. Accommodation is cheap, eating and drinking facilities are extremely affordable. World famous Afghan kilims, cotton and woolen woven samples, marble, leather and sheep skin and dried fruits are rich in terms of variety and purchase opportunities are also cheaper. When you visit Kabul you will have a different experience and you will witness the trade culture and hospitality of people living in a different geography.


Casablanca, which means White House, is an exotic Mediterranean city which is the biggest city in Morocco. The city, which has coasts to the Atlantic Ocean, took its original fame with the same name Casablanca, which was translated in 1942. Casablanca, which has an exotic appearance with an architectural change in the 20th century, also draws attention with its eating and drinking culture. The colorful and affordable shopping facilities in the city markets, where prices are kept relatively cheap, make this city the tourist eye. Having the temperate atmosphere of the Mediterranean climate, the city welcomes every moment of the year.


This port city, Kenya's second largest city, was built on a coral on the Indian Ocean. Being a tourism center and being a frequent destination for those wondering about safari tourism, we have put a city in one of the most popular places in the world. Mombasa is a tropical city with narrow streets, mosques, temples and cultures. In a city with a tropical climate, the prices are quite reasonable.
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