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Why Does Gas Crisis Happen? How does it go?

During the digestion of the food and the air we are eating, air is released into the intestines, causing gas in the stomach and intestines. If the amount of gas produced is too great and the body is forced to put out this gas, a gas jam is seen. This squeeze can also cause severe gas stagnation and bulge.
In addition to this, there are many symptoms such as swelling, belching, abdominal pain, feeling of fullness in the stomach, cramps causing pain in the stomach, tension in the abdominal region. It is not necessary to take the gas complaints that occur in the digestive system. Nutrition may be related to the shape of the swallowed air, or it may be a symptom of some diseases. After the formation of the gas, the person will voluntarily request to remove the gas. The extracted gas gives us clues about our digestive system. This is why the gas is the cause, how to prevent gas formation, how to deal with the gas sting, we have dealt with. Gas stasis can occur in infants and adults for diff…

Questions and answers from new mothers

During our time in this post we have compiled all the questions from you and the answers given by other mothers to these questions. If you do not have a problem not listed here, you can ask in the comments section. It will be answered by the most experienced mothers as soon as possible.

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What is the Best Way …

How to Revisit Prosperous or Sunken Cossacks?

In winter, we prefer to wear wool clothes in order to protect from cold and not be sick. Many woolen products such as sweaters, scarves, cardigans and scarves warm us up during these cold winters and at the same time we have a nice appearance with different and interesting designs. Especially in this period, woolen sweaters are indispensable for many of us. Unlike other clothes, it can be worn and stored for years. We also want to be able to use our sweater structure for a long time without deterioration. But wool sweaters are very sensitive, thin, soft and silky. This type of clothing requires special care. It is also necessary to be very careful when washing woolen clothes. If proper washing and maintenance are not carried out, the woolen sweaters will grow or become plentiful. This also prevents me from getting a nice look.How to correct sweaters can be explained first of all with proper washing and sweater care methods . As long as proper washing and maintenance is performed, the …

Ebu Musa Câbir bin Hayyan and H2SO4

In 750 years, the strongest known acid; lt; / RTI & gt; was a diluted solution of acetic acid. Cabir Ibn al-Hayyan, known as GEBER, by his European contemporaries, formed a purer form of acetic acid by its vigorous distillation. This was not an important development; until then it was thought that the chemical change only took place with heat. If they were strong enough, the acids could be the second factor causing chemical change ...

According to the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov; The greatest of all discoveries made on the alcove was made by someone whose name was unknown  . As well as; Using the name of Cabir Ibn Hajiyan, and exactly 650 years after Caban Ibn Haiyan (about 1300 years), this invention was to discover Sulfuric Acid , which we now know as H 2 SO 4 (Hasan 2 Solak Osman 4).

Instead of using the alchemist's own name in discovery, the GIVES given by the Europeans to Jabir Ibn al- Hayyan were used. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about this alchem…

7 herbal tea that will be good for spring tiredness

With the arrival of spring months, there is a tiredness on all of us. While this season brings sunny and beautiful airs together, it also increases our complaints of fatigue. There are certain reasons for the spring tiredness experienced during air exchange.
Our bodies are capable of adapting to any situation, athmosphere and temperature. However, in this process, our bodies may show some reactions. With the arrival of spring months, the water evaporates more and the humidity of the air increases. This also increases the electrical charge in the air. As a result, certain problems may occur in our bodies. In the spring, headaches, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything, and a feeling of fatigue may be triggered by the warming of the air. Your body may be tired all the time, you may want to just sleep without doing anything. Muscle, back, neck and joint pain are also common in individuals. Spring fatigue is often seen in large cities and areas where the stress of the c…

diego rodriguez de silva velazquez lives and works

Velazquez was born in 1599 in Seville, Spain as the sixth child of Juan and Jeronima. He studied religion, language and philosophy from his parents. At the age of eleven, he developed himself by taking technical drawing and literature lessons at the artist's workshop, Francesco Pacheco. He especially worked on the ratio and perspective.

In 1617, after being admitted to the Guild's Guild of Painter, he set up his own studio and married Pacheco's daughter Juana.

Velazquez produced respectable works by working on historical scenes, portraits, mythological and sacred matters.
In December 1622, the favorite court painter of the young King Philip IV was killed, and the king's minister, Olivares Kont-Duke, invited Velazquez for the vacant position. Within two years, he and his family paid money to move to Madrid. The royal service was paid for the monthly salary, health allowance, lodging and pictures of his appointment.

Velazquez's workplace has become a meeting place f…

natural solution: natural olive oil

Accidents and health problems that have become part of our everyday lives are among the common problems of everyone. For example, insect bites during sleep, accidents that happen suddenly when doing a job, acne-like noses and acne similar to the wound before and after adolescence, surgical incisions and scars that occur before or after surgery, wounds that develop during vaccinations and similar situations, and the necessary procedures for the treatment are made in advance. The time it takes to trace the existing human body is determined by the depth and past of the wound. If the wound is deep and difficult, we realize for months that this wound is in the form of a deep trace.

This is extremely uncomfortable. When men are shaved, cuts that are exposed to the razor blade may also experience deep cuts. Treatment for this can take a long time, despite the use of various medications. An effective and natural solution to this is the massage made with olive oil on the skin. Skin massage ma…

the definitive solution to throat pain: hot soft foods

It is quite common for people to be sick immediately after cold in winter months. They see it at first by pulling a sore throat and I will get sick before the flu. These precise and clear words are the sole cause of pain and sore throat pain and headaches. In every winter and seasonal changes, such disorders multiply. Especially in cases of sore throat, eating problems increase. Swallowing, swallowing develops in these conditions. In short, throat pain is among the first symptoms that cause pain and trigger the disease.
The causes of sore throat are based on these factors. Throat pain may occur in cases of laryngitis-related conditions, in the development of acute laryngotracheitis-related conditions, in reflux, in the recurrence of lung infections, in the formation of bacterial strains known as beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A, in the appearance of sinusitis cases and in all kinds of bacterial conditions. These diseases are among the valid reasons for sore throat.

It is the sinu…