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the best song of metallica

the answer to the question, which is to open it with the word and listen to it once more, is fade to black.

I said that it would not happen without them:
(see one)
(see no leaf clover)
sad but true
It is very enjoyable to accompany the bond.
we used to answer this question more thrash, now we grow, we say unforgiven, our current answer is nothing else matters. Of course many other metallica songs are works of art in itself, but if you choose one of them you listen to it and when you say "wow be" in detail, there is nothing else matters with our current mind. nothing else matters can be one of the most beautiful things that happened to your music.

they are the most creative according to their expressions and they show all their skills (see enter sandman)
Tabikide ....

(see until it sleeps)
From the hiphop to the metal is the first "pure" metal song I've heard outside of metal, and because religion is in love with no hearing, for subjective r…

three qualities that women today seek in a man

statistical character
material power
gene quality

the predecessor conditions have at least two of the above three properties.
love, loyalty, gravity, etc.

Do not look at the bloom, you will love the most, the most loyal men everyday to pass through the front of the house of manavin.
but you do not even remember your face.

the accessibility of these three criteria is directly related to the quality of the woman.
3 in the zero zero and make love enough that he is a nice woman full of good-natured woman.
Make the siki big and time adjusted. so do not try so hard.
from the chocolate.
You're free.

Nobody look up.
It is stolen.
you can try it in any kind of man.


At least 2 of these 3 are not enough to 3rd. I can discuss on living examples.
humor, harmony, high standard of living.
love, loyalty, mercy

money is called, you can see that there are more or less herds of money. but you do not know who really loves you or is faithful. fear what you …

adolf hitler and the truth of the holocaust

Hitler from World War II architects is still talking today. In particular, the reason for the upsurge in the agenda is the "Holocaust", or "Holocaust". Nearly 6 million Jews were killed during World War II. This is also said to be Hitler, the Germans call the Führer. Why did Hitler make this genocide? Apart from various discourses, Hitler's own book on this subject also has some discourse in his mouth. In his book Main Kampf (Kavgam), Hitler argues that the Jews have been particularly hit by the German economic structure. He even says that he lost the war because of the Jews. Most of the weapons factories were in the hands of the Jews during the war, and the workers were Jews. These factories, when they were most needed, grew and caused Germans to live on the battlefields of ammunition. Hitler says in his book that he can never forgive this betrayal. Until today, according to the widespread view of those who research about it, Hitler thought that doctors were …

can dna store data?

Nowadays, modern archiving technology has begun to fail to grow into a growing knowledge base. For this reason, new technologies are needed in this regard and nature can help us in this regard.

In 2011, a team working at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) developed an idea for storing information on DNA. However, the DNA storage would be much slower than the silicon memory chips for writing and reading on the microsecond time scale. It would take hours to code the information on the synthesized DNA chain and read this information. But inside the cell a whole genome would be invisible to the naked eye. In terms of the intensity of the stored information, it would be beyond silicon. For this reason, DNA is very advantageous for long-term archiving.

DNA; adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, and these four different combinations of nucleotides form different DNA sequences. Every 100 nucleotides in the DNA synthesis and sequence can be mistaken. This makes the data stored on a…

is there anything faster than light?

The light is moving at a speed of 300,000 km (three hundred thousand) at the moment. Thinking in our world, this speed seems unattainable, a tremendous speed. So much so that light travels around the Earth 7 times in a second. We could go from the Earth to the Moon in a moment. But given the enormous size of the Universe, the speed of light is insufficient. If we were moving at the speed of light, we could go to the Sun in 8 minutes, or to the closest galaxy Andromeda in 2 million years. According to Einstein's "theory of relativity" there is no speed higher than the speed of light. So the speed of light is the limit point. But at that time many of the information known today was unknown. For example, the universe is constantly expanding.

Traveling at home has been the greatest dream of mankind for hundreds of years. Is there more than the speed of light that has been the subject of many science fiction movies and papers? According to scientists and experiments done tod…

is it a dog or is it smarter?

Pets have both physical and emotional benefits to their owners. Two of the most popular pets are dogs and cats. For the elderly in children, people with disabilities, patients in hospitals, or nursing homes, there is also a therapy that is medically approved by the support of domestic animals, mainly dogs or pets. Pet therapy is helping these trained animals to reach certain physical, social, cognitive or emotional targets.

Whether cats or dogs are smarter is one that seems almost impossible to answer because of the complex abstract nature of the intelligence. The results of an international team of scientists working to measure the intelligence of animals by calculating the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex among the years of ongoing research to answer the question with scientific evidence suggest that the number of neurons in the brain, developed by Suzana Herculano-Houzel of the Vanderbilt University Academy of Psychology and Biological Sciences, based on a method developed…

what is hodan oil and what are the benefits?

Hodan oil is a kind of oil that is produced from leaves and flower parts of borage plant. Another name of this herb is beef tongue. Another name for borage oil is star flower and this is a wild flower species. The borage plant is approximately 46 centimeters long. The hodanaceous plant has bright blue flowers and is found almost everywhere in the world. Hodanaceous plant flowers and hard hair from May to September. It is grown in the Marmara region in Turkey, with northern and western Anatolia. Hodanaceae is valuable for the oil in its seeds and is cultivated for the production of this oil. The main thing that is valuable in this oil is that it has a rich content of fatty acid, called gamma linolenic acid.

8650_hodan3Hoyan oil has many miraculous effects. Hodan oil firstly moisturizes the skin and imparts elasticity to the skin. It is recommended that people with dry skin use this oil. It is also known that people with skin diseases have the healing properties of this oil. It is also…

bali island and the holy monkey forest

The Holy Monkey Forest,

As it is apparent from the name, it is located on the island of Bali where the religion of Hinduism, which monkeys are considered sacred, is prevalent. Bali Indonesia is one of the 17,508 islands and of course the most touristy area. In Bali, daily life is built almost on this religion, religion and culture are tightly knotted together. The majority of Indonesia's population of 240 million is made up of Muslims. The situation in Bali Island is slightly different. It is known that about 10% of the population here is Muslim and the rest is Hindu. Here, as in India, monkeys are very sacred and the forest in which 8 separate monkeys live is protected. More than 800 macaque monkeys live in this sacred forest, which is called Monkey Forest in Bali Island.

The Holy Monkeys of the Island of the Gods of Bali

Bali is a tropical island decorated with shades of blue and green that resembles a paradise, famous for its natural beauty with its sandy beaches, Spa massage,…

seeing a plane in a dream

Seeing an airplane in a dream is a sign that you will overcome all the obstacles that have come out or come out in the future, come from above the problems and gain your reputation again in your life. After that, you can behave more consciously, you can live more freely than your old one by realizing all the beauties and opportunities around you. At the same time, seeing the plane in the dream is interpreted as having to look at a specific subject from a wider frame. If you see the airplane taking off, it's a project that you plan to do for a long time now that it's time for a pass.

Seeing the plane is interpreted well at the same time. It shows that you will receive a message that you will be very happy with, that this news will make you feel so comfortable, so you will feel as free as birds.
Plane Falls in the Dream
Falling planes in the sky is a sign that your hopes of escape and your problems are gone. At the same time, if you have made plans to make a fresh start with yo…

color color fruits and vegetables we hate! rainbow nutrition for those who want to lose weight and stay healthy

We try diverse diets to stay healthy or lose weight. We count calories and paste the dietary and nutritional label lists into the refrigerator.

Did you know that colors are giving a response to these questions that are complicated for you? We are confident that these color-coded categories, especially those made from fruit vegetables, will be very practical for you as well.

There are a variety of micronutrients that we will put in categories according to their color in fruit and vegetables. That's why many experts claim that every color should be consumed with fresh food.

In rainbow feeding, a person consume antioxidants, vitamins and other essential nutrients in the body by consuming each color nutrient.
The rule is simple! You should consume 5 small portions, every color of vegetables and fruit every day.

RED foods that provide support for cardiovascular health, protect against Alzheimer's and prostate cancer, and look good on your skin.

For example, strawberries, watermelo…

11 products that moment candidates should absolutely keep in their work

Pregnancy, thinking about two people, means to take each step for the health of both you and the baby. That is why it is suggested that candidates of mothers should go out cautiously for every situation when going out. Any product that is in your bag and can save you even in small situations will make you feel more comfortable.

1. Prenatal vitamins
We always carry these vitamins in your bag and it is suggested that you do not go out without them. If you notice what you forget, do not drink or delay your time, and it happens very often, you can harm your baby.

2. Healthy snacks
Whether you are pregnant or not, it is an issue that experts consider important. It will be best for you and your baby to eat healthy products often. So, if you eat dry fruit, dried fruits and similar products that your doctor recommends you will be in your bag.

3. A full water bottle
Dehydration can be dangerous to both you and the fetus. So keep a water bottle everywhere you go so you can take a few sips when…

what is offensive?

Offensive; A term used for those who are opposite to the defensive word and who are prone to attack. It is used for players who like football, basketball, team sports, attack-based games.

Characteristics of offensive players
1. They like to play offensive play.

2. Defensive aspects are weak.

3. In team sports, it is difficult to hold the players on the opposite side.

4. The chances to score a goal are higher than other players.

5. The number of goals is more successful than defensive players in the field.

what is melancholic?

The melancholic vocabulary is of Greek origin and has two meanings. It is used in the sense that it is firstly black-handed, black-haired, secondly sad and sad.

Use of melancholical word in sentence
"We lost the most lyrical and melancholic clan of the Tanzimat period." (This melancholy word is used in the meaning of black lover, black lover.)

"This country is a melancholy and charismatic country, like music." (This was used to mean melancholy in the blink of an eye.)

what is a garter?

A rubber tie that keeps socks on the knee. It is a fantasy product commonly used in eroticism.

He passed through the word "jarretière" in French.

How to wear a garter?
In the garter, the so-called stripe allows you to adjust the length of the garter as we wish. The clips on the end of the strips help to secure the jar ferrules.

Stripe's are usually four, with two on the front and two on the side. When you wear your garter, keep your front stripe in your socks. Attach the others to the side of your sock. If you do not pay attention to it, the back stripes of your jar can be left behind and you can leave your sock because of overstretching when you are seated.

If you do not want to have difficulty attaching strips to socks after putting on your garter, keep your socks on the clips without wearing your garter. So first put on your socks, then put on your clips without wearing your garter, and then stand up and hook your garret to your belly.

Garter use in wedding dresses

the first descendants of the Qur'an

Alak refers to the grafted egg from the creation stages of man. This prosecution is also called "Surat al-Qur". He landed in Mecca; 19 verses. The first 5 verses are the first descendants of the Qur'an.

It is explained that reading in this time means that the superiority of the learner, the creation of man, the property of the kingdom, that these are people's allegiance to God, that man thinks these things, he should obey his Lord, otherwise he will be a savior. The first verses of the Alak period, in terms of content, also provide compatibility with the beginning of the inspiration.

The first command that comes in connection with the metaphysical realm is "Read". This is a new beginning. A Rasul, who is illiterate, begins to read in the name of the Lord, who is Ekrem. There is now a process in front of him to be read and to be taught throughout the years. In these verses, the supreme power of Allah, the creation of which is revealed, the First Rabbinah, t…

what is landscape?

It's called landscape paintings. It has developed in Western art after the Renaissance. In Britain, landscapes such as Gainsborough and Constable have pioneered. Manet, Monet, Piserro, Sisley, Gauguin and Van Gogh have developed much of this style after Courbet in France. In ours, Şeker Ahmet Pasha, Hoca Ali Riza Efendi, Nazmi Ziya Guran gave masterpieces. Basically in landscape, it depends on nature in colors.

From a point of view, landscaping is the sight of the natural and cultural beings that can enter into the viewing frame to bring them together. He has settled in French. In this sense, the world we live in is a reflection of what we see as pavement to child parks, to the edge of the creek where we march, to the placement of artifacts in a museum garden, to the environmental regulation of a multi-storey building, to the garden of our house and to the color. Landscaping is in the interest of landscape architecture. The landscape of nature that painters make is called landsca…

what is the current account?

An account that collects transactions between a bank and its customers or between a seller and buyer of a good. In this calculation, the seller and the buyer are collected as various transactions, debt and receivables items which put them in debtors and creditors. According to the resulting debt or receivable, buyers and sellers determine the status of debt and receivables to each other.

In an enterprise, debtor and creditor current accounts can be used. The debtor current accounts show the debt status of the individual who sells the goods or services the customer has performed. Corresponding current accounts show liability balances to third parties, usually due to the sale of an asset, service performance. Current accounts in banks; muds, customers and correspondents.

According to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, mutual debts and receivables are liquidated during the accounting period in the current account relationship. Debt and receivable items can not be requested s…

city life is not real life human types

1) the idiots who ran without waiting for their subway
2) jerks who do not use signals in the traffic
like heavy vehicles in crowded streets and walking in the middle of the road.
upper-floor neighbor
If actions need to be gathered under a broader definition, it will be a waste of time to expect people to be conscious, tolerant, empathic people who move with the reptilian brain.
People who smell of sweat.

walking stairs in the middle according to the stairs in the middle of the stairs there are walking in the middle. he also does not even know that these types of strikes on the stairs are on the right side of the stairwells.
uneducated, unaware of what you do not know, disrespectful, intolerant, vulgar, selfish, undeveloped, insistent, not tolerant of waiting.
people who do not know how to get on public transport.
taoids who do not know how to walk on the sidewalk.
two-lane way to the center of the way to gradually come to the falcon brand vehicl…

small business initiatives made during childhood

I read in a school where there are plenty of rich children. Instead of bringing home nutrition, all the children had something in their canteen. one day I realized that a friend's look was in my feeding bag and auction a few weeks ago when we went to buy a bird caused a lightning bolt in my head.
I immediately offered to sell the content of the nourishment bag, which is not known to be among the 5-6 people. both by developing a competition and a mystery event, causing me to not even nourish at a price I could not even imagine. In the first few days, the wealth and diversity of men's culture has grown. I was auctioning every day now. the auction was sometimes raging and borrowing from other people as one person could not afford to pay.

the attendance at the side classes had moved the event to another dimension. I have made a few inconveniences about the content and made money. and being careful about motherhood nutrition is very important for my development!

There was no love …

do the milks gas and constipate?

The formula is not formula milk, which is the sole goal of the formula or the gas or insufficiency that will appear in children who are fed with milk. Other factors about gas and constipation need to be noted. For example, while feeding with a bottle, we need to be careful to ensure that the bottle is filled with food. The size of the bottle holes is appropriate for the age of the child and the baby should not go to the mouth of the baby very quickly.

You should also pay attention to the vitamins the baby uses. For example, it is an iron mineral. It is supportive, useful for the child's organism. But it can constipate as a side effect. Children who use iron drip or syrup may also be fed with food at the same time. However, in this case, the iron content of the iron drop does not need to be kept high because the iron is contained in the iron. We may think that the head is responsible for the rupture especially when the iron is given extra.

If there is gas and constipation problem …